Your Stories

We all have our stories, our life tales.  When they include bullying, it can feel like every day is a warzone.

We have included a few real stories from those who have fought in that warzone and have, not only survived but strived.  
We hope that in reading these testimonials, you will feel empowered, strengthened to face your challenges as well.  We want you to be brave and to stand up for those who are bullied and to stand strong if you are the one in the trenches.
Do you have a warrior story you would like to share?  Please feel free to send us your story at [email protected]  Simply put "Warrior Story" in the title bar.  Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous or if you would like your name displayed.  

In sharing your story not only do you find a voice. You also help another who may be experiencing the same pain. 

12 Years of Catholic School Bullying 
-Kat Lehmkuhl

April 2, 2019

  • As a kid, I got bullied a lot because I was either too small, too skinny or I did not eat enough. Those are all things that they bullied me about. Now you may say that it is unhealthy for someone to not eat a lot but I am a small girl and I can’t eat that much. Trust me if I could eat more I would. I would be digging into all of those swiss cake rolls. But down to the point. I lost one of my friends because of another friend and now the friend that I lost give me dirty looks and glares. I have learned to accept the fact that she hates me and that we will never be friends again. She always comes up to me and asks me if we can be friends again and my answer is always no. You may ask why I would say no. Well, its because if I’m going to get bullied once by them I’m not going to be friends with them again just to go through the same stuff. I have learned that friends or best friends that you can trust are the ones that will stand up for you. I ones that will be there for you. The ones who will catch you if you fall. The ones who will pull you down off that ledge. Now I have not got on that ledge but trust me if you have the best friends that are always with you where ever you go and they sit with you at that lunch table as everyone just laughs and points because you have no friends. That’s how you know that your best friend. Now if you’re getting bullied by someone that thinks they are the best just remember this. Whoever is trying to pull you down is already below you. They just want a reaction. Give them one but make sure its that perfect smile of yours!

April 25, 2019

  • It’s stressful to be bullied. But one thing you always need to remember is never let the bully take power over you, they will try to hurt you until you break! Don’t give them what they want, give them what they need, a taste of their own medicine. I’ve been a victim of bullying and it never brought me down because the bully is always lower than you so they’re just trying to get you even lower but don’t give them what they want because they’ll take power and that gets worse! They need a reaction, something they wouldn’t expect like a smile. Never let that bully think you’re their target. Be the leader, not the follower, show everyone kindness! The point is bullying isn’t ok. Something needs to be done and it needs to be solved right. Stop the bullying, and stop it now!!!!

Choose your friends carefully
April 25, 2019

  • Always choose your friends wisely, be friends with people who stand up for you, understand you, and they take time with you. Those are friends you want to keep in your life. I once thought I had a true friend then I found out they were talking behind my back then when I confronted that person they denied it. So after that, I decided to choose my friends carefully and wisely. You want those friends who want to be stuck with you, who isn’t embarrassed to be around you. I once saw someone being bullied and I stepped in and became that person’s friend. I also told the bully to leave that person because they’re just looking for attention, don’t be a bystander, be a helper and a friend. Show others your kindness and how you want to make a difference. Stop the bullying!

Being bullied at school choose friends wisely
April 30, 2019

  • So when I was in sixth grade I was bullied by two kids I will call them d and L. so when I had just started with grade i was struggling with math and social studies and I was trying to find some friends to have when I need help or that would have my back. So one day in d came up to me and asked what was wrong and I explained my struggles and he said he would be my friend and help out then it got to second semester and was bulling me calling me names and saying I had no hairline or no eyebrows called me stupid or poor so I told a teacher and I never had any problems until seventh. Stop bullying now!!!!!