1. Victoria (Vikki) Brewster
    Founder of the Marigolds, on.AUTHOR OF: The Upbringing that encircles me, #JOURNEYSEND
  2. https://www.coursera.org/account/accomplishments/verify/6Y6NB36Q7MTA
    Gary David Payne
    Co - Founder of The Cyber Parental Guardians, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Creator of Chaos. Author of many unfinished stories and thoughts.
  3. Mr Blue Bird
    Co - Founder of the Cyber Parental Guardians,, Global Goodwill Ambassador, member of Random Acts of Kindness and possibly the last person on earth to still be using a dial up connection.
  1. Dr. Djalila RAHALI
    Clinical psychologist specialized in cyberpsychology. and resident expert on cyber bullying and child psychology. Pioneer of the 'Growing Miss Daisy initiative'. and Global Goodwill Ambassador. Did we mention she also likes motorbikes.
  2. TFT
    TeriAnn (Frame) Frame-Tankersley
    TeriAnn (Frame) Frame-Tankersley, Director of The Cyber Parental Guardians Facebook. Co- Director of the education program. Global Goodwill Ambassador and secret Ninja kitty infiltration specialist.
  3. Kat Lehmkuhl
    Cber Parental Website Design Team Member/Editor/Proofreader/Published Poet. Creator of the Empowerment resources department. Developing Tools and Mantras in support of people suffering from depression.
  1. Tigest Seyoum
    Research specialist / Reading Content Object (CO)
  2. Jaiganesh Veerappan
    Content Creator
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